I have been working in animation and digital marketing for 20 years ever since I graduated from University of Brighton (UK) in the year 2000.

From the age of 25 I spent many years working for various digital marketing agencies in London creating animated marketing content.

My first job was animating the Meal Deals on the digital screens for McDonalds restaurants in London high streets. This era was the dawn of the age of Digital Signage (also known as DOOH – Digital Out Of Home).

Subsequently I went on to work with other big brands such as Argos, WHSmith and The Co-op, again creating digital marketing content displayed on Plasma Screens in high street shops, superstores, railway stations and airports all over the world.

After the financial crash in 2008 I set myself up a freelancer under the moniker ‘Redrooster’ (named after my favourite Rolling Stones song ‘Little Red Rooster’).

During this time I worked with many smaller business creating online digital marketing content primarily for web.

Eventually one of my larger clients took me on as a full-time animator and I spent a happy few years working in digital marketing for various giants in the movie industry: Disney and Universal Pictures to name a few. I was helping with advertising campaigns that engaged with audiences across Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc.

In 2015 I was offered the opportunity to lead an exciting new social media platform targeted at the food industry and food lovers. One of the perks of this job was the opportunity to work in Spain. This is when Redrooster became Redrooster Digital LTD and I settled in Barcelona.

Once that contract ended, I decided to remain in Barcelona and focus on getting new clients all around the world, still creating animated content for digital marketing, leading to the exciting portfolio of companies that I work with today.

Times have certainly changed since I began this journey in 2000. The internet was in its infancy and McDonalds had huge back-projected screens. Now Social Media is king and many of my clients make all their trade by just using Instagram. The principles of digital marketing remain the same though – a short burst of beautiful and engaging content will attract attention and get you noticed above your competitors.

My main services are animation, video editing, illustration and graphic design for social media content, corporate video, digital signage and localisation. I use the whole Adobe Creative suite, specialising in After Effects, Adobe Animate, Premiere, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Although I am a one man band, over the years I have built up a global network of trusted freelancers and other agencies to collaborate with when the chance arises.